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Our History of Innovation

CivicSmart and its legacy companies have been continuous innovators in the parking industry for over 80 years and this commitment to research and development continues today and benefits a client base that stretches across 5 continents.

Proof of our innovation is found in the dozens of US and international patents granted over the years and the millions of parking devices that have been installed by thousands of cities around the world.

Our deep understanding of on-street parking policy and operations combined with our extensive
experience and industry partnerships allow us to help cities develop parking programs that align new technologies with best practices.


Developed the most popular parking meter in the world.

Corporate Timeline

  • 1936: Duncan Parking Technologies introduces Single-Space Meters

  • 1986: Enforcement Technology introduces the AutoCITE handheld enforcement device

  • 1990: Reino International commences its Multi-Space Meter business

  • 2005: Duncan Solutions is formed through the merger of Duncan Parking Technologies, Enforcement Technology, Reino International, and Professional Account Management.

  • 2015: CivicSmart is formed and acquires Duncan Parking Technologies, which includes all of Duncan’s US-based parking products

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