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Parking Enterprise Management System (PEMS)

Smart Parking technologies generate a lot of data.  To effectively manage this data and to help our customers use this information to better manage their on-street parking programs, we created our cloud-based Parking Enterprise Management System (PEMS).  

PEMS is a powerful backend system that provides comprehensive asset management and diagnostics, financial and operational tracking, real-time and historical reporting, and decision support guidance in a user-friendly, web-based tool.

In addition to capturing data from our Smart Meters, Sensors and Enforcement Handhelds, PEMS integrates data from Mobile Payment Apps, Paystations, Permit Systems, Mobile LPR Systems, Intelligent Street Lights and more to provide customized, end-to-end Smart Parking solutions.

PEMS is built on an open-architecture platform that makes it easy to build interfaces with third-party parking systems and to act as a centralized parking asset management repository. This enables authorized city users to access and report on their parking program from a unified source.


PEMS’ features include:

  • Accessible by authorized users from any web-based device

  • Summary dashboards and detailed reporting to provide access to whatever information you need

  • Integrated Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping including location information, routing, and heat maps

  • Captures data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for comprehensive revenue management, activity and occupancy reporting, asset status reporting, and overall performance management

  • Flagging alarms and sending email/text alerts across the enterprise based on severity, priority, and available resources..

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