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Thirty years ago, parking tickets were handwritten, meters didn’t communicate, mainframe systems processed citations in batch mode, and boot/tow truck operators flipped through paper reports to find scofflaws.  Under those conditions, parking could only be so “smart”.

Today, Smart Parking is all about integrating data from different systems, in real-time, to help motorists, city staff, policymakers and third parties make good decisions.

CivicSmart prides itself on its integration capabilities.


We provide an integrated on-street parking solution that accepts meter payments (smart meters), detects when vehicles enter and exit spaces (sensors) and compares paid and occupied status in the backend (PEMS) to identify violators.  This violation information is shared with enforcement officers through our handheld enforcement software (AutoISSUE).

However, we understand that many cities accept mobile payments, some cities have mixed sites that include multi-space meters, cities use mobile LPR-equipped vehicles to find scofflaws, and cities increasingly use apps, websites and variable message signs to share occupancy data to motorists.

We work with dozens of parking technology and operating companies to bring customized and cost-effective solutions to our shared customers.

A true “Smart Parking” solution needs to incorporate third-party solutions from trusted providers, and CivicSmart's reliable and robust interfaces offer Cities end-to-end solutions from "best of breed" providers. Our technologies integrate with multiple providers of:

  • Mobile payment systems

  • Parking meters

  • Mobile license plate systems

  • Citation processing systems

  • Intelligent streetlights

  • Guidance applications

  • Variable message signs

  • Analytics and Smart City platforms

Some examples of our current integrations are shown below.


Intelligent Streetlights


CivicSmart is an ecosystem partner with GE and their intelligent streetlights (CityIQ Nodes).  These Nodes have an array of sensors to allow Smart Cities to deliver improved outcomes across public safety, traffic management, environmental sustainability and on-street parking.


These Nodes detect when vehicles enter and exit a parking space and this information can be used to identify available parking, analyze on-street parking activity, enforce safety violations and better manage timed parking.  Images and data from the Nodes are shared with CivicSmart’s AutoISSUE handheld software to provide officers with unprecedented data to help them efficiently, fairly and accurately monitor their areas.


If an officer sees a potential violation, they can view a time-stamped image from the Node which becomes a permanent part of the record if a citation is issued.

Integration with Mobile LPR Systems


While vehicles outfitted with Mobile LPR systems can be an efficient way to monitor vehicles parked on-street, enforcing from these vehicles is problematic since it can be difficult to find a legal parking space from which to enforce.  Instead drivers often double-park which increases congestion and unsafe conditions for other vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians.  Or they park at the end of the block (possibly in a crosswalk) and have to walk back to the vehicle to issue a ticket.


There is a better way.  Our AutoISSUE handheld software interfaces with Genetec’s Mobile LPR system so that any reads captured by these vehicles are visible and usable by enforcement officers with our handhelds.  This means that every plate that is read by the Genetec system becomes an electronic chalk, and if an officer checks that plate later in the day from their handheld, they will see a “hit” and also be able to view the photo captured by the Genetec MLPR system.  If a citation is issued the Genetec image is linked with the citation.


Officers in an MLPR-equipped vehicle can also use our AutoISSUE handheld to easily and accurately issue a citation without having to re-type data.


This integration efficiently leverages the best of both systems.



If you need to integrate with our products or have an offering that would benefit our clients, please feel free to contact us.

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