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LNG Smart Parking Meter Family

The Liberty Next Gen (LNG) Parking Meter is the most innovative in the industry. With the flexibility to meet the needs of any city (or village), the LNG is available in four core configurations that are upgradeable and interchangeable to evolve with the needs of your parking program.

While outside it retains the classy aesthetics of its traditional ancestors, internally it is equipped with cutting-edge technology that provides long battery life, wireless communications, and real-time analytics.

Our innovative LNG meter is available in the following configurations:



dual six key close.png


lng msm 2 close.png


lng coin only.png

Coin Only

LNG Photo (no background).png

Fits into traditional meter housings with the same secure top cap which retains the elegance of an antiquated curbside appeal.*

*Slight modifications may be necessary.

Paid Light.jpg

Ultra-bright LED lights are equipped the front and back of the LNG which are visible from 85 feet away in nighttime conditions.

LNG Photo (no background).png

The crystal-clear backlit LCD display is visible in any lighting condition and is remotely configurable via our PEMS backend management system.

LNG Photo (no background).png

Accepts a range of secure payment options* including credit/debit cards, smart cards, coins, tokens, and NFC payments. Programming/rate updates and Smart Card Auditing System is available for Coin Only Meters that do not have wireless communication.

*Payment options depend upon meter configuration

LNG Photo (no background).png
dual six key close.png

The tactile 4- or 6-button keypad is intuitive and easy to use for a simple payment process.

lithium ion battery.png

Uses fully rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need to expensive annual battery replacements.

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