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Motorist Guidance

In survey after survey, motorists identify the ability to receive information about where to find vacant spaces as one of the top priorities of a Smart Parking program.  And different motorists want to obtain this information from different sources.


CivicSmart’s vehicle sensors, technical capabilities, robust APIs and successful integrations allow us to provide motorists with real-time, on-street parking availability information through different means.

Website and Mobile App

Clients including Sedona, AZ publish real-time occupancy maps on their websites to encourage motorists to visit local businesses.

Parking inventory and mobile payment apps also display on-street parking availability.

In-Car Dashboard System

We are working with automakers and in-car data integrators to display available spaces right on an automobile dashboard.  This offers the safest, most convenient guidance to get you where you need to go.

Variable Message Signs

For motorists without mobile phones or who have not planned in advance, roadside signs can inform and direct them to where available spaces can be found.

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