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Automated Curb Management

CivicSmart is completely reimagining the future of the curb. Our innovative automated parking solution is designed to collect every piece of information possible to provide operators with real-time occupancy data, evaluate parking and transportation patterns, and create a seamless experience for drivers.

Benefits include:

  • In-space vehicle identification

  • Real-time occupancy information

  • Payment and permit integration

  • Automated enforcement

  • Easy on-street reservations


This groundbreaking solution gives municipal parking authorities and operators the power to take control of their parking assets and understand the unique patterns that determine their operational strategies. Stakeholders can obtain and evaluate their curb management system in real-time, while identifying opportunities to streamline their procedures by eliminating on-street parking meters and equipment, reallocating parking enforcement officers, and more.

Further, the data generated from these sensors can integrate with any existing parking location or payment application. Drivers are then able to access the city’s designated parking app to locate an on-street parking space, navigate to the destination, and pay all through their mobile device.


Our parking sensors are designed to have a minimal footprint and blend into the existing streetscape. CivicSmart’s parking sensors are available in three options and can be customized to meet the specific needs and landscape of the curb environment. The three sensors include:

  1. Stand-alone Bollard: Bollards have a footprint of 5x5 inches and about 3’ tall (and not a tripping hazard).

  2. Pole Mount: Sensors that are designed to be attached to an existing fixture such as existing, planters, space number signs, poles, bike racks, etc.

  3. Curb Top: Sensors are ½” in height, ADA compliant, and designed to be fixed to a curb or wheel-stop. 

  4. The information and efficiencies obtained through the installation of the CivicSmart parking sensors allows cities to significantly increase revenues through enforcement and increased compliance, reduce overhead, and more. Most importantly, it allows the city to successfully achieve it’s highest priority of providing a safe, convenient, and efficient parking experience for their community.


The CivicSmart photo-sensor system reduces operational costs and greenhouse gasses through increased efficiencies and motorist compliance allowing cities and operators to achieve the safest, most convenient, and efficient parking experience for their community.

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