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AutoISSUE Enforcement Solution

CivicSmart’s AutoISSUE™ software was the first and remains the leading citation enforcement solution on the market.  Over three decades of expertise is designed into the workflow to efficiently capture citation data, including photos and voice recordings. Featuring a flexible layout that can be customized for each customer and a variety of handheld devices, AutoISSUE reimagines issuance software and transforms a parking citation issuance system into a Comprehensive Enforcement Productivity and Accountability Solution by combining:

  • A hosted solution with secured Application Service Provider (ASP) data access

  • Wireless real-time communications

  • The power of modern handheld devices and smartphones

  • The productivity unleashed by GPS, mapping, and visualization

  • An enhanced LPR engine which reads license plates in under a second and checks them against all available databases

  • Electronic tire chalking

  • Workflow and business logic to increase productivity whether using pay-by-space, pay-by-plate or pay-and-display meters

  • Field reporting of meter outages, faded paint, damaged signs and abandoned vehicles

  • Intuitive user interface to reduce the learning curve and enable immediate productivity

  • Parking, traffic, and municipal violation enforcement capabilities

  • Secured batch and real-time data transfers with numerous citation processing systems, permit systems, mobile payment providers, meter management systems, mobile LPR vehicles and other third-party databases

  • Integration with Intelligent Streetlights and other Smart City systems to improve parking outcomes

  • Enhanced supervisory, administrative, in-field, training and data analytics support to improve program performance.


Our new AutoISSUE solution creates dramatic enforcement efficiencies while increasing accountability and fairness.

Dozens of law enforcement agencies have used our AutoISSUE solution to enforce Traffic and Municipal Code Violations.

Please contact us for a software demonstration and to learn more about how our enhanced software will improve your enforcement program.

AutoISSUE is flexible and runs on a variety of operating systems and devices including one-piece solutions, two-piece solutions, tablets and laptops.

electronic tire chalking
electronic chalking

Enforcement Hardware

Over the last three decades, hundreds of cities – including the largest parking enforcement programs – have relied on innovative and durable AutoCITE handhelds to power their ticketing operations.


As technology has advanced, we no longer have to manufacture proprietary, purpose-built hardware to provide our clients with ruggedized devices that meet their enforcement needs.  We recommend, partner, and are tightly integrated with third-party providers of powerful, cost-effective devices to help enforcement programs of all sizes move to the next level.


Some of the most popular devices we recommend include:


If you are interested in upgrading your enforcement hardware, please contact us so we can provide you with information about equipment options.


N5Z1 Print


  • One-piece integrated printer; lightweight (26oz/740g)

  • Wireless communications (3G/4G/LTE) with GPS

  • Hot-swappable battery for all day usage

  • 16 MP Camera; barcode reader

  • IP65 rating (water resisant); MIL-STD 810G; operates -4F to +122F (-20C to 50C)

  • Integrated magstripe reader for point-of-sale


Samsung Note 8


  • Two-piece solution (Bluetooth-paired with wireless printer); lightweight (7oz/200g)

  • Wireless communications (3G/4G/LTE) with GPS

  • 13 MP Camera; barcode reader

  • IP68 rating (water proof); Gorilla Glass; operates +32F to +95F (0C to 35C)

  • Stylus for easy data entry


Zebra TC75


  • Two-piece solution (Bluetooth-paired with wireless printer); lightweight (13oz/375g)

  • Wireless communications (3G/4G/LTE) with GPS

  • 8 MP Camera

  • IP67 rating (water proof); MIL-STD 810G; Gorilla Glass; operates -4F to +122F (-20C to 50C)

  • Built-in scanner (SE4750 imager)


Zebra ZQ510 Printer


  • Bluetooth-enabled for pairing with handheld devices

  • Lightweight (22oz/625g)

  • 3” paper stock

  • IP54; MIL-STD 810G; operates -4F to +131F (-20C to 55C)

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