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Multi Space Meters

We offer multiple options for clients who want to integrate multi space meters into their operations. We integrate with the world’s leading full-featured multi space parking meter manufacturers including Duncan Australia, Flowbird, Global Parking Solutions and T2 Systems.


Alternatively, the Liberty Next Gen can be configured as a small footprint credit card only pay station to handle low volume spaces in a pay-by-space configuration.

Duncan Australia's TX Multi Space Meter

Duncan Australia’s TX paystation is extremely robust, easy to use, and accepts a wide variety of payment options that enhance the motorist’s experience.  It can be configured for pay-by-plate, pay-by-space or pay-and-display operation.


​The TX multi-space meter has a user-friendly interface that facilitates quick, simple, and secure parking payments. All information relevant to the purchase of parking is displayed on the machine’s screen, with additional information conveniently presented on the machine’s door decal, making the task of paying very simple.


The machine accepts payment by coins, tokens, credit cards, debit cards, transport and smart cards, pay by phone applications, and digital wallet functionality. All transactional information is transmitted to PEMS where it can be analyzed and reported on.


The TX can be configured to manage loading zones, specific user-group discounts, and resident permit programs.

CivicSmart's Liberty Next Gen as a Multi Space Meter

Full‐featured multi space meters can cost $10,000‐$12,000 while covering 6‐10 on‐street spaces. They offer bill acceptors, receipt printers, alphanumeric keypads, large coinboxes, and other features that add cost and complexity to payment acceptance. For many cities, these features are justified and worth the price.


However, if you are looking for a simple, cost‐effective way to accept payments for 3-15 spaces, the Liberty Next Gen meter offers you the flexibility to do so for a fraction of the cost (~10%) of traditional “multi space” solutions.

The motorist simply uses the arrow buttons to scroll to their space number, selects “OK”, and then pays with a credit/debit card. smartcard, token or coins.  Because of the limited capacity of the coinbox, most clients who use the LNG as a multi-space meter do not allow coin payments because of the need to frequently empty the coinbox.


So, if you do not need to issue receipts (which litter your streets), do not accept large numbers of coins, and do not require motorists to enter their license plate numbers, the Liberty Next Gen may be the Smartest Multi Space Meter you’ve ever seen.

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