CivicSmart Patented Subterranean Vehicle Detection Sensors Compete at UW Tech Day

(September 18, 2017) – CivicSmart, Inc., an innovator of patented on-street parking sensors and other “Smart Parking” technologies, was selected as a finalist to present at the University of Washington’s Urban Freight Lab Tech Day competition.  The competition focused on real-world solutions to urban goods delivery problems.


The Urban Freight Lab Tech Day Competition was held on September 12th at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus. CivicSmart’s President & CEO, Mike Nickolaus, and Sr. Vice President of Sales and Client Services, Brad Magee, presented CivicSmart’s Loading Zone solution which uses CivicSmart’s patented vehicle detection sensors and electronic permits to: 1) Direct vehicles to unoccupied Loading Zones, 2) Identify unauthorized vehicles in Loading Zones to trigger enforcement, 3) Identify when permitted vehicles overstay Loading Zone time limit to encourage compliance, and 4) Notify delivery recipients when a delivery vehicle arrives.


Promising technologies with the potential to address urban delivery challenges and which are scalable across multiple urban areas will be chosen for pilot testing in the City of Seattle.


Based in Milwaukee, CivicSmart’s patented “Smart Parking” solutions can be found in over 1,500 cities around the world.  CivicSmart’s patented Vehicle Detection Sensors offer a reliable, low-cost solution for detecting vehicles in on-street parking spaces. The sensors provide real-time data with 99.5%+ accuracy and extremely low latency, allowing parking program managers to detect vehiclesin a specific space and to reveal parking patterns, trends, and high demand areas. Paired with CivicSmart’s back-end management system and various third-party inventory applications, the sensors guide drivers to open parking spaces and alert enforcement officers of vehicles in violation.  CivicSmart also produces innovative smart parking meters using the latest in wireless and flexible payment technologies, as well as handheld enforcement solutions to help cities efficiently, fairly and accurately issue parking citations.  CivicSmart integrates with dozens of parking industry partners as well as leading smart city integrators.


About the Urban Freight Lab

The Urban Freight Lab is part of the University of Washington’s Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center.  The Lab is initially focused on low-cost, high-value solutions to the “Final-50-Feet” delivery problem.  Founding members of the lab are, UPS, Costco, Nordstrom, the US Postal Service and Charlie's Produce.