CivicSmart Acquires Duncan Solutions’ US Products Division

(August 6, 2015) – CivicSmart, Inc., an innovator in sensor-based and other “Smart City” technologies, is delighted to announce it has acquired Duncan Parking Technologies, Inc., from Duncan Solutions. The acquisition includes all of Duncan’s US-based parking products including handheld enforcement devices, single-space meters, multi-space meters, vehicle detection sensors and related data management systems.


CivicSmart, through its subsidiaries, has provided engineering and product development services to Duncan Parking Technologies for years and is deeply familiar with the acquired product platforms. This expertise will minimize the risks of interruption for Duncan Parking Technologies’ clients while accelerating the roll-out of new and improved technologies to existing clients, the parking market, and Smart Cities globally. CivicSmart will maintain its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Balu Subramanya, Founder of CivicSmart, stated, “Since 1936, Duncan has provided innovative parking products and services to cities and other clients. Over the last few years, CivicSmart has quietly served this market while developing patented technologies that align with the vision of parking managers and municipal leaders around the world. By bringing these organizations together, we will be able to leverage our capabilities, intellectual property, extensive client base and financial resources to deliver on this vision.”

“To our clients, I’m sure you have questions but I want to assure you that we are committed to exceeding your expectations. Given the size of Duncan Parking Technologies’ client base, it will take us a while to speak with each of you, but we promise to do so. In the meantime, I invite those of you with immediate questions or concerns to contact me at”