CivicSmart’s Patented Technologies Bring “Smart Parking” to Mobile, Alabama

MILWAUKEE, WI. (June 29, 2019) – CivicSmart, Inc., an innovator of patented “Smart Parking” technologies, is proud to announce that the City of Mobile, Alabama, through its partner Republic Parking System, is expanding its recently rejuvenated on-street parking program into a true “Smart Parking” program.


Starting earlier this year with the installation of CivicSmart’s Liberty Next Gen Smart Parking meters that accept coins, credit cards, and pay-by-phone payments and a trial of CivicSmart’s patented Vehicle Detection Sensors, the City proudly announced the introduction of a state-of-the-art parking program.


“This is the next step to move the City’s outdated parking system into the 21st Century,” said Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson. “Embracing new technology will offer our citizens and visitors a more accessible and user-friendly experience. If your lunch meeting runs long, you can soon add more time to your parking straight from your phone. Our goal is to ensure this transition to a more innovative model is as smooth as possible.”


Based on the success of the initial sensors, the City is installing on all smart meters and they will be paired with a sensor.  CivicSmart’s patented Vehicle Detection Sensors offer a reliable, low-cost solution for detecting vehicles in on-street parking spaces. The sensors provide real-time data with 99.5%+ accuracy and extremely low latency, allowing parking program managers to detect vehicles in a specific space and to reveal parking patterns, trends, and high demand areas.  CivicSmart’s industry-leading suite of products expand beyond electronic meters to provde true “Smart Parking”, including integrated sensors, enforcement, and seamless mobile payment support.


Once installed, real-time availability of on-street parking spaces will be visible in the ParkMobile parking app.  This will allow motorists to identify convenient, vacant spaces before and during their trip downtown.  By reducing uncertainty and searching, traffic congestion and vehicle pollution are reduced, pedestrian safety is increased, and customers find it easier to patronize local businesses.


Detailed parking occupancy and session data allows the City to make data-driven policy decisions which help residents, businesses and visitors.


By timing vehicles that overstay posted regulations and directing officers to vehicles parked in violation, compliance with regulations is enhanced which promotes fairness and benefits all city stakeholders.  Meters can also reset when vehicles depart a paid-parking space with time remaining.



About CivicSmart

CivicSmart, Inc., is a leader in city-wide, on-street parking solutions with a 83 year track record, providing electronic meters, sensors, housings, enforcement, and software products for over a million parking spaces.  Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, CivicSmart’s patented “Smart Parking” solutions have been deployed globally on five continents and serve over 1,500 clients.  More information about CivicSmart is available at