CivicSmart is Proud to Support India’s National Smart Cities Mission

MILWAUKEE, WI AND BANGALORE, INDIA. (June 9, 2019) – As India’s National Smart Cities Mission approaches its fourth anniversary, CivicSmart, Inc., is proud to support the Mission through the deployment of innovative Smart Parking technologies.


With the goal of developing over 100 cities across India into citizen-friendly and sustainable communities and for these cities to serve as catalysts for other cities and towns, the program has used a series of “challenges” to select and fund the most promising and innovative cities.


CivicSmart’s patented “Smart Parking” solutions have been deployed in a dozen of these cities across India including Bhopal, New Delhi, and Nashik.


The list of CivicSmart’s innovative technologies deployed across India include:


  • Patented Vehicle Detection Sensors offering a reliable, low-cost solution for detecting two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles in on-street parking spaces. The sensors provide real-time data with 99.5%+ accuracy and extremely low latency, allowing parking program managers to detect vehicles in a specific space and to reveal parking patterns, trends, violations and high demand areas.

  • PEMS back-end management system integrated with guidance applications, websites and Variable Message Signs to direct motorists to open parking spaces.

  • Payment Apps and smart parking meters that offer paid parking options utilizing the latest IoT communications and other innovative design features to keep capital and operating costs affordable for cities of all sizes.

  • AutoISSUE handheld enforcement solution to help cities efficiently, fairly and accurately identify and issue parking citations. 

As the Mission continues to identify and support leading cities, CivicSmart will continue to develop and deploy new products to improve parking and transportation management.

About CivicSmart

CivicSmart, Inc., is a leader in city-wide, on-street parking solutions with a 83 year track record, providing electronic meters, sensors, housings, enforcement, and software products for over a million parking spaces.  Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, CivicSmart’s patented “Smart Parking” solutions have been deployed globally on five continents and serve over 1,500 clients.  More information about CivicSmart is available at