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CivicSmart Introduces Smart Parking Technology at Houston’s Generation Park

CivicSmart, Inc., the industry’s leading Smart Parking Technologies Innovator, has partnered with the McCord Development Group and the Generation Park Management District to pilot the jurisdiction’s first IoT-based smart parking system.  These ‘Intelligent Parking’ devices are being installed at the City of Houston’s new 4,300-acre mixed commercial/residential district, Generation Park. Generation Park is part of McCord’s Smart Cities initiative, meant to optimize operational efficiencies and improve the user experience through non-intrusive technology and advanced data capture and analytics. As part of its mission to incorporate innovative and cutting-edge technologies throughout this expansive development, McCord engaged CivicSmart to make operational its automated curb management solution known as “CurbSense”. 


The CurbSense system is an ultra-modern designed ecosystem with LPR, imaging, and motion-sensing technology that combines to offer a seamless experience for patrons. The system incorporates a meterless, ticketless, and touchless parking application that simultaneously provides real-time occupancy and parking data. Use of these meterless parking spaces demonstrates McCord’s commitment to cutting-edge innovation and dedication to improving the quality of life for its residents and business owners alike. The pilot includes the installation of the smart parking devices in Generation Park’s Redemption Square section, a 52-acre mixed-use town square district consisting of Class A office space, luxury apartments, restaurants, and shops. 


Coupled with an app-free payment option, the system offers a convenient touchless parking experience for drivers as patrons are provided the option to pay via text, or conveniently by using an innovative Q/R code option. Soon, frequent parking patrons will even be offered a ground-breaking feature that provides them the opportunity to simply “Park and Walk,” as the CurbSense system is designed to offer that, as well as a plethora of other never-seen-before automated parking capabilities. 


“We are thrilled to introduce this “first-of-its-kind” parking innovation in our development,” said Ashwin Chandran, Director of Technology Innovation, at McCord Development. “At McCord, we strive to measure and understand behavior to enhance human experiences and make efficient business decisions. We hope to use this data to improve the overall performance of our operations across all our assets.” 

CivicSmart CEO Balu Subramanya commented, “CurbSense is seeking to completely transform traditional curb management, while significantly enhancing the options available to patrons and operations alike. CivicSmart is thrilled work with McCord Development to realize their mission to incorporate the most innovative solutions possible, in this case creating seamless and optimal parking experiences for residents and visitors of the development.” 


CivicSmart, Inc. owns several related entities, including Duncan Parking Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary which designs, manufactures, and sells parking products in the United States.  For simplicity, these related entities are referred to as “CivicSmart”.  Individual transactions will be entered into by the proper legal entity.​ 

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Image courtesy Generation Park. 

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