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City of Huntsville Enforcement Solutions
Huntsville, AL

For the City of Huntsville, AL, CivicSmart has provided our handheld parking enforcement devices for more than 25 years. The City has utilized many versions of our enforcement solutions over the years, upgrading along the way as the industry has continued to evolve. CivicSmart products have allowed the City to effectively manage and implement their enforcement procedures, including issuing approximately 20,000 citations each year. 

CivicSmart has also continued to work with the city to integrate our enforcement solutions with new software including pay-by-cell, pay-by-plate, and handheld license plate recognition (LPR). We are currently working with the city to integrate their new mobile LPR solutions with our handheld enforcement devices to further streamline their parking enforcement, enabling them to improve parking compliance and increase revenues. 

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