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City of Birmingham Enforcement Solutions
Birmingham, MI

Sine 2010, the City of Birmingham, MI has used CivicSmart handheld enforcement products to power their parking ticketing operations. As technology has advanced, the City has worked with CivicSmart to continually update their enforcement solutions to create an effective and streamlined enforcement process for their staff.


Since 2015, the City has increased their parking citations from 25,000 to nearly 45,000 per year. CivicSmart has worked with the City to upgrade their enforcement technology to manage this increase, now using the Samsung Note with the Zebra ZQ500 Bluetooth printer. CivicSmart has also assisted the City with the integration of our enforcement products with their other parking solutions including more than 1200 parking meters, pay-by-cell, vehicle detection sensors, and handheld license plate recognition (LPR). Each of these integration has helped to significantly streamline the City of Birmingham parking operation, allowing them to effectively manage enforcement, improve the staff experience, and support their community.

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