Single Space Smart Parking Meters

CivicSmart offers a variety of convenient, affordable Smart Meters that allow cities of all sizes to tailor paid parking solutions to meet their needs.  These options include:


Our Liberty Next Gen Smart Meter as a:

  • Single-space Smart Meter

  • Dual-space Smart Meter

  • Coin-only Meter Upgradeable to a Smart Meter

  • Small Footprint Credit Card Multi-space Paystation


We also work with partners to offer a selection of Full Featured Multi-space Paystations. Click here for more information.

Liberty Next Gen Smart Parking Meters

For too long, Smart Meters were limited to big cities or those with high meter rates.  The increased revenues from accepting alternate payments were offset by higher purchase prices, higher operating costs and expensive payment transaction fees.  As a result, thousands of cities continue to use coin-only meters.

What’s so “smart” about that?

So we took a different approach.  For over 80 years, cities have trusted Duncan equipment.  From our housings, to our meter mechanisms, to our collection carts, it is common to find cities that have used the same reliable meter equipment for decades.

These cities often want and need to upgrade their meters and would like to provide convenient payment options, but don’t think they can do so within their budget or without raising meter rates too high.

Introducing the Liberty Next Gen (LNG) Smart Meter.

Our patented and patent pending LNG Smart Meter builds on our proven pedigree and uses recent advances in communications, battery, security and software technologies to design an innovative meter that is flexible and affordable for any city, town or village that has (or is considering) metered parking.

Key Features of our Liberty Next Gen smart parking meter include:​

new LNG with payment screen.png
  • Accessibility – designed to be ADA compliant and easily accessible by persons of all heights without the cost and hassle of cutting meter poles (or the legal and political liability of not cutting them).  The LNG meter can be configured for multi-lingual operation.

  • Payment acceptance – accepts credit cards, debit cards, smartcards and coins with magstripe or EMV certified card reader.  PCI compliant.

  • Mobile payments –  displays mobile payments on the meter at no charge and without draining the battery which is comforting to motorists, convenient for enforcement and cost-effective for the city (click here to see a mobile payment displayed in real-time)

  • Visibility – equipped with a high resolution backlit screen and a new custom anti-fog dome, the LNG meter is user friendly and visible in all weather and lighting conditions.  High intensity LEDs on the front and back of the meter are visible from 85 feet and notify city staff if the meter is paid (green), unpaid (red) or requires maintenance (amber).

  • Communications – communicates via cellular (3G/4G), LoRa, WiFi and Bluetooth. Upgradable to NB-LTE when available.

  • Low Power – 100% rechargeable Lithium Ion battery lasts a year between charges with an available five year battery warranty to avoid the need to purchase replacement batteries.  Innovative design eliminates the need for solar panels which add cost and are degraded in northern exposures, high latitudes, building and tree shade, bad weather, etc.

  • Security – includes a tilt sensor that reports an alarm if someone tampers with the meter. PCI compliance provides payment and data security.

A city’s parking program should be about protecting your nickels and dimes, not getting “nickeled and dimed.”  If high credit card fees, hidden costs, expensive spare parts, frequent replacement batteries, and out-of-warranty repairs are eating into your program revenues or scaring you away from upgrading, maybe it’s time for a Smarter Smart Meter.





Click here for a Total Cost Calculator worksheet to help you figure out your costs and understand your potential savings!

Are you thinking about buying smart meters? Are you paying too much for your current smart meters?

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The LNG was built with unprecedented flexibility to fit every city's needs and budget and can be configured in a number of ways:

  • Single Space Smart Meter – fulfilling the overwhelming preference of motorists who want the convenience of a meter at every space that accepts credit/debit cards and coins

  • Dual Space Smart Meter – balancing the convenience of credit/debit card acceptance with cost considerations by having a single mechanism in a single meter housing manage two adjacent spaces

  • Card Only Smart Meter – providing modern payment options such as credit/debit/smart cards and mobile payments for clients who do not need or want to accept coins. Ideal for small private lots.

  • Coin Only Meter Upgradeable to a Smart Meter – available as a coin-only meter (managing one or two spaces) but fully upgradeable to accept credit/debit cards in the future (click here for details)

  • Small Footprint Credit Card Multi-space Paystation – a single LNG meter can be configured to manage 3-15 spaces while accepting only credit/debit/smartcards and mobile payments.  This is ideal for small lots, short blocks, after-hours public parking on private property, or international cities whose rates can’t justify more expensive alternatives (click here for details)


Now that’s a Smart Meter!