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CivicSmart is recognized as a leading global Smart Parking innovator.  With installations in thousands of cities across five continents, we have an 80-year track record of market leadership and earned trust.  Innovation has been at the core of our corporate DNA since Duncan’s founding in 1936, and the last several years have seen a wave of innovation at CivicSmart that is delivering the promise of Smart Parking to cities of all sizes.​

Our patented high-accuracy Vehicle Sensor guides motorists to open spaces and enables creative public parking policies

Our Smart Meter sets the bar for features and functionality with a price that is affordable for cities of all sizes

Our Handheld Enforcement System offers powerful tools and integrations to drive compliance and efficiency

Whether you’re a large city or a small town, Smart Parking is a first step towards becoming a Smart City.


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Benefits and Policy Innovations

With the development of new technologies, CivicSmart’s “Smart Parking” now enables an array of innovative tools to help elected officials and city staff better utilize scarce curb space to encourage downtown activity and promote economic development. With the deployment of CivicSmart’s highly accurate, patented vehicle sensors in conjunction with Liberty Next Gen Smart Meters and AutoISSUE handheld enforcement software, the City can adopt a number of new programs.


While people usually associate sensors with metered spaces, there are high-value uses for sensors in non-metered spaces to better enforce time-limited parking, allow flexible uses at different times of the day, and promote motorist and pedestrian safety.


Examples of some of the ways that integrated sensors can benefit the City as part of a Smart Parking program include:

With escalating meter rates, motorists pay more to park at metered on-street spaces for extended time periods.

Motorists Pay More for the Convenience

Sensors allow the City to designate meters in certain areas, such as City Hall, to give the motorist free time.

Access to Government Services

Downtown revitalization 

increases citizen interest in special events thereby increasing revenue with special event parking.

Special Events Promote Downtown Revitalization

Our sensors give the City a breadth of data such as when, how often, and how long vehicles park, allowing  for data-based decisions.

Better Policy Decisions

With data from our sensors, the City can implement pricing based on demand as it varies throughout the day or week.

Demand-Based Parking System

Cities can provide real-time data, rather than historical estimates, to guide motorists to available spaces.

Safe Guidance to Open Spaces

Sensors allow motorists to be able to reserve a metered space in areas that the City specifies at a premium cost.

On-Street Reservations

Enforcement officers can be directed to vehicles in violation.

Higher Enforcement Productivity

Placing sensors in time-limited or "No Parking" zones alerts officers to vehicles in violation.

Parking Restriction Management

Our sensors help the City manage special spaces such as Rideshare, Carshare, Loading Zones and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations which enhance mobility.

Flexible Curb Management

Innovative Products

Each product and service that CivicSmart provides is designed with the future in mind. We understand that technology evolves rapidly and rather than being intimidated by this, we embrace the opportunity to drive this innovation.  We are constantly enhancing our products to deliver better value to our customers while maintaining compatibility with prior products to protect your investment.

Our Story

Our Mission: Improve the quality of life and economic health of communities around the world by providing innovative technologies to make parking and transportation systems more efficient, more responsive and safer.


CivicSmart’s roots date back over 80 years and we have the history and experience to help with your City’s parking program.


CivicSmart is led by a team of individuals with over 100 years of executive experience in the on-street parking industry.  They are knowledgeable, trustworthy and well-respected.

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January 10, 2020

CivicSmart Supports Multiple Parking Payment Apps for the City of Atlanta and ATL Plus

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