Wireless Vehicle Detection Sensors

CivicSmart’s Vehicle Detection Sensors offer a reliable, low-cost solution for detecting vehicles. Whether mounted in the pavement, on the pole, or within the meter housing, our wireless sensor technology provides extremely high detection accuracy with exceptionally low latency.



When combined with our credit-card enabled Liberty™ meters, our wireless vehicle detection sensors provide real-time data with 99.7% accuracy, allowing cities to detect vehicle occupancy in a specific space, reveal parking patterns, trends, and high demand areas, and guide Parking Enforcement Officers directly to vehicles in violation.


  • Highly accurate vehicle detection and monitoring
  • Improved efficiency and productivity of parking program operations
  • Ability to track high-demand parking areas and monitor patterns
  • Provides reset options for metered spaces after a vehicle moves away from its designated space
  • Offers customized programming options such as providing motorists with courtesy parking and integration with wayfinding applications
  • When paired with our Liberty™ Meter, sensors share communications and solar power to enhance efficiency and optimize performance
  • Seamlessly integrated with CivicSmart’s Parking Enterprise Management System™ (PEMS) for comprehensive data management and analysis

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