Manage All Aspects of Your On-Street Parking Program

The Parking Enterprise Management System™ (PEMS) platform is a powerful back-end system that provides comprehensive, cloud-based management in a user-friendly format. PEMS facilitates all aspects of on-street parking program management; with advanced reporting and auditing features, managers can perform dynamic program analysis to create a faster, more efficient parking management program.


  • Accessible to authorized users from any web-based device and on virtually all major internet browsers for real-time data management and asset status reporting
  • Integrated Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping
  • Captures data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for comprehensive revenue management; financial and technical reporting; asset status reporting; and overall performance management
  • Manages alarms and sends alerts across the enterprise based on severity, priority, and available resources
  • Seamless integration with parking meters, wireless vehicle detection sensors, and handheld citation issuance devices

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