Our History


  • 1936: Duncan Parking Technologies introduces Single-Space Meters
  • 1986: Enforcement Technology introduces the AutoCITE handheld enforcement device
  • 1990: Reino International commences Multi-Space Meter business
  • 2005: Duncan Solutions is formed by the merger of Duncan Parking Technologies, Enforcement Technology, and Reino International
  • 2015: CivicSmart acquires Duncan Parking Technologies, which includes all of Duncan’s US-based parking products
  • 80 years providing on-street parking management solutions for cities around the world
  • Record of continuous innovation including parking meters, non-cash meters, wireless meters, handhelds, electronic tickets, wireless permits, sensors, and parking management systems
  • Millions of units of our equipment have been installed throughout the United States, Canada,
    Mexico, Africa, Australia, HongKong, Israel and many other regions
  • Enforcement software products used by hundreds of cities for city-wide parking enforcement
  • Our deep understanding of on-street parking policy and operations combined with our extensive
    industry partnerships allow us to help cities develop policies and practices that align new technologies with best practices