November 2016

Dubai, UAE: CivicSmart’s EVP of Mobility Solutions, Gretchen Effgen, will participate in the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council on Cities & Urbanization that serves as a forward-looking brain trust on Smart Cities. Gretchen previously co-authored the “Top 10 Urban Innovations” report put out by the World Economic Forum last year.
Dubai, UAE: CivicSmart Founder and CTO, Balu Subramanya and EVP Mobility Solutions, Gretchen Effgen to speak at the Gulf Traffic Parking Summit on smart parking.
Dubai, UAE: CivicSmart to exhibit at the Gulf Traffic 2016, drop by our booth!
Barcelona, Spain: CivicSmart to exhibit at Smart City Expo World Congress. Check us out at the NYC Pavilion.

October 2016

Austin, TX: CivicSmart to present at Texas Wireless Summit focused on automated vehicles, connected cars, and reshaping wireless over the next 10 years.

CivicSmart’s acquisition of Duncan Parking Technologies more…

Parking Experience Redefined

At CivicSmart, we know what it takes to make Internet of Parking a reality – data needs to be accurate and made available in real-time to be of value to motorists and parking managers. We have developed advanced radar based technology and solved the accuracy and complexity challenge with our patented sensors – they are simple to install, highly reliable, support a variety of mounting configurations, all-weather, immune to dust and roadside debris (no lens or openings needed), guaranteed lifetime batteries, and vandal resistant.  They provide enforcement quality data and are the highest accuracy and lowest latency sensors in the world.  They are ideal for city on-street parking, private garages, off-street lots, apartment complexes, and shopping centers.

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In-ground sensors

Our in-ground sensors take only minutes to install, are flush with the road surface and can be driven over. They are highly vandal resistant, immune to roadside dirt and debris and do not require a lens or aperture. They come with life time batteries.

Pole mount sensors

Pole mount sensors simply attach to a parking meter pole or a space signage pole.  They can be integrated directly with a parking meter. They come with long life batteries or they can be powered by the parking meter.

Wireless placards

Our wireless permit modules make traditional placards and permits intelligent and connected. When a car pulls in, our sensors will automatically identify the placard, and the motorist will get audio and visual indications. They can be used to prevent disabled tag abuse, student, staff, and reserved parker management, automated payments, etc.




World’s most accurate, enforcement quality sensors with better than 99.9% occupancy accuracy and 99% session accuracy!

Low Latency

99% of all movements reported in real-time within just a few seconds through the wireless gateways.

Extremely High

Highly vandal resistant, immune to roadside dust and debris, has no lens or aperture, blends into road surface, curb, or street hardware.

Highly Customizable

Multiple mounting options, self-configuring, fast installation, comprehensive management software.


Mount it anyway you like

Our sensors are designed with you in mind – we understand that parking surfaces come in different types and mounting preferences vary. We offer a variety of mounting configurations – surface, subterranean, pole, curb, or ceiling mount, or integrated with a parking meter.  Our sensors can communicate to solar powered gateways or directly to a parking meter.  Our solar powered gateways are self-configuring, takes only a few minutes to install on a pole or suitable platform and can support 20-50 nodes each.  A variety of single and multi-space parking meters can be integrated with our sensors.

Use for any type of parking space

Our sensors are designed to work for all types of parking spaces. They can be setup for marked or unmarked spaces (e.g., Pay and Display meters); parallel parking, angle parking, or straight-in parking spaces; on-street, off-street surface lots, or multi-storey car parks.

Works with all payment systems

Our sensors can be setup for paid spaces or free, time-limited spaces. They are compatible with metered, meterless, Pay-by-App, Pay-by-Plate, Post-Pay, and other payment systems. In addition, with our unique parking tags they can be integrated with account-based, direct billing systems similar to toll road payments (Park and Walk).


Motorist Convenience
  • Courtesy free time upon arrival

  • Wayfinding

Parking Mangement
  • Clear unused time

  • Meterless parking (sensor based enforcement)

  • Time limited free parking (sensor based enforcement)

  • Prevent top-ups beyond time limits (meter feeding, additional meter payments)

Parking Program Optimization
  • Occupancy and turnover analyses for rate setting

  • Dynamic pricing

  • Enforcement routing optimization (including Pay-and-Display and Pay-by-Plate systems)


Our ground-breaking permit product wirelessly enables traditional placards and permits and is a leap-forward from traditional and RFID permits.  They can be used with handicapped placards, residential student, and employee permits, or with an account-based payment system.  Cities throughout the world are struggling with handicapped placard fraud and abuse that often prevents disabled motorists from finding an open space. When a vehicle pulls into a parking space, the sensor detects the permit and automatically checks its validity and starts a parking session.

Guidance Products

With our outdoor parking guidance systems, drivers will be able to see the number of available spaces on a street. This helps eliminate wasteful cruising, alleviates traffic jams, saves time for motorists, and makes for a pleasant parking experience. The resident motorists of your city or town will love the comfort and convenience, not to mention less stress and reduced frustration when driving. This truly enhances the infrastructure of your city.

Comprehensive Management System

We offer a comprehensive solution, including a full-fledged management system that helps parking managers monitor parking assets, generate reports, and manage workflows.

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